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Growth Marketing Consultant

Creative Strategist

I help brands scale and grow.


With over 15 years of experience at growth marketing agencies focusing in health care, fitness, media, and fintech, I've helped dozens of brands scale their businesses leveraging data & analytics, paid media channel expertise, creative strategy and production.


Health & wellness brands I've worked with include:

MedicareSolutions, HealthPlanOne, eHealth, 

PrecisionNutrition, DoctorOnDemand, Oura, 

iTrackBites, MindBody.

Media and fintech brands I've worked with include: 

Snapchat, Pinterest, Meta, Waze, Nerd Wallet, Square, Intuit Accountants, Virginia Credit Union, Hancock Whitney, and World Finance.

As a leader of creative teams I specialize in design innovation and creative strategy that marries data with creative expressions & storytelling. I’ve built a portfolio of memorable work that has driven consumer behavior through strong insights, brave decisions, and innovative execution. 

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